I have always seen our home as this big Live/Work art project, but it wasn’t until recently realized how important it is for me to always be working on it in some way. Maybe it’s just something small like organizing a space that needs attention or, you know, water the plants or some other mature responsible thing.

So whatever. There are a billion projects that I want to do, and it is really easy to get caught up in the other dumb stuff, that I forget to take time and appreciate of the space that we have created. So I am going to start documenting it. 

This is our living room, and it is so special to me. It is a very large, beautiful space and the goal is to celebrate it’s openness while also making it cozy and inviting. The built in shelves are a perfect showcase for our pictures and art. I have tried to use surfaces to strategically layer pieces in a way that provides depth without being creating too much clutter.

We originally played with using the furniture to divide the room into different sections, which was fun, but ultimately just made the space less functional. I am really liking the openness of this new arrangement. 

Most of our furniture was found at the Melrose Trading Post, with the exception of the coffee table (Urban Home) and the couch (Apartment Therapy Classifieds!) 

Instead of painting we have been collect colorful art work that a) brightens up the white walls b) helps tie all the furniture together and b) accentuates my favorite feature of this apartment - those wood ceiling beams! A lot of our art was also found at the trading post, but recently we have been adding pieces from this really dope site, Society 6. They have nice, colorful prints at a variety of price points. While none of them are “my most favorite art ever”  they allow us to add a little sophistication without taking ourselves too seriously :)

The windows are spectacular, and instead of covering them with curtains we have been playing with using plants as curtains instead of fabric. It helps keep the room private with out sacrificing sunlight.

So that is our living room. If you have questions or suggestions I would love your feedback!

A Must Read on Earthquake Safety!


So if you live in Southern California (or are friends with any Southern Californians on any social media outlet) I assume you are aware that we have been experiencing a slew of seismic activity lately. None of the quakes thus far have been too intense, but it has served as a sobering reminder that the big one IS coming…and there really is no excuse for us to be unprepared. 

I have spent the past few days collecting items for our Earthquake Emergency Kit and as a native Californian who has gone through a few quakes already, I thought I would share my personal list so that you too can be prepared. 

Take a look and let me know if you think anything is missing!

Multivitamins This is an essential. You have no idea what kind of atmospheric damage your body will be enduring, so plan ahead and keep it healthy! Your body needs a lot of vitamins but you don’t want a bunch of pill bottles rattling around. Do yourself a favor and find a good multi. Trust me, you’ll need the space in your bag ;).

First Aid Kit This one is a no brainer. No emergency bag would be complete with out a first aid kit for your pet. Dogs are stupid and can’t take care of themselves. Plan ahead so you don’t have to make any tough decisions that you will regret in non emergency circumstances. 


Make up It might be the end of days but that isn’t an excuse not to look your best. Plan ahead. Stock up on the makeup that makes you feel your prettiest and make sure you have enough to last at least 3 months. No need to go crazy, just some foundation, liner, blush, bronzer, mascara and maybe high definition powder. Also make sure to pack cleansing towels and dry shampoo. Don’t waste precious water staying clean, that would be irresponsible. Also, sunscreen is a MUST! Wrinkles are gross. 

Underwear I don’t know about you, but my very worst fear is running out in the middle of the night, stranded without a bra and underwear. So plan ahead! Pack a few panty changes, and make it something pretty. Just because society is in chaos doesn’t mean you can’t hook up. 

Pre Planned Outfits Along those same lines you should probably pack a few changes of clothes. Plan ahead! I would suggest really thinking about how you want to BRAND yourself post earthquake. This is important. Personally, I have opted for looks that say, “one bad bitch” so that no one will mess with me, but that is just one route you can take. Have fun with this! It is your future. 

Candy If you do nothing else do THIS. If you think that convenience stores will be open you are a fool on a fool’s errand. I suggest you pick up fruity based candy, such as Starbursts or Airheads, since chocolate stands a chance of melting (plus - more vitamins! Fruit is good for you) but if your kit MUST include chocolate, make it something cheap. Only foolish people waste their money on chocolate.

Emergency Mix Music is the best. You don’t want to be the guy making his Emergency Playlist during the quake, so plan ahead! My list is called the “ApocaPlaylist” but other options include, “The ApocaList” or “Party Like the Earth’s Shakin”.  Anything upbeat is a solid choice, but you can’t go wrong with music that is melancholy and reflective (Coldplay??) considering the circumstances. I would suggest avoiding anything too “anti-establishment” if you don’t want to ruffle feathers.

Also, If you have one, def pack a Guitar or Ukelele. Everyone loves the guy who brings a guitar to the party, so bring a guitar to the party. That cutie in the camp site next to yours is sure to be vibin’.

Megaphone If you are like me, you are going to be at a loss as to what to do with yourself while Twitter is down. Plan ahead. Might I suggest investing in a megaphone? That is the way our parents communicated and shared links before they had technology, and if it was good enough for them it should be good enough for us when every other option is broken. 

Ok, so that’s what is in my bag! What do you have in your emergency kit?

<3 Katy 

You Think It's About Magic But It's Really About Money


Like many people in the film industry, my mind this week has been on Sarah Jones. Sarah was a second assistant camera (the person who transports cameras and lenses, helps the focus puller take measurements to get the focus right and slates the take, among other things) who was killed by a…


Give us 22 minutes and we’ll give you epic Star Wars action PLUS JOKES.

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That’s right: Adventures In Jedi School, premiering January 27th on CrackedSee the trailer here and get as stoked as we are.

Ima GIF!!!

hey guys i made my very first youtube video lol! will you like my video? xoxoxo

From last week’s trip to Palm Springs. PRETTY NICE TIME.

New Dance Blog. this is how we watch Louis CK in our house. LUOISLOUIS  LOUISLOUIS (by Katy Stoll)


Should we get this dog?!?!?!?!?



Should we get this dog?!?!?!?!?


GUYS here is my super dramatic DRAMA reel. Me? Doing drama? I know right. But like, you know, cast me in stuff, and stuff!